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More and more I’m getting the feeling that next week’s tournament in Houston will be one to remember. It will be sort of a Medicare Open, so to speak, and the senior players will show up to get acquainted or re-acquainted, to tell a few war stories and buy each other a few beers and play one-pocket. Few of them will make expenses, but that’s okay. Won’t be the first time, will it? This will be the third annual event and it keeps getting bigger. I was on hand as a spectator for the first one, but missed last year and I will be there next week, again as a non-competitor. Not likely to be able to do it again.

I suspect that the enthusiasm apparent on the web site is reaching even those who aren’t old enough to enter. We are told there will be a free live stream of the matches and that’s great. This may be the only event of its kind anywhere in this country and it represents some hard work by several of our members. I’m especially impressed by the tournament poster, which should become a collectors’ item, and I hope there will be a lot of them – I would gladly buy a couple to bring back to Baton Rouge for display in Bayou Billiards. I wish the One Pocket.Org logo and name could have been included for all to see.

I think the people at Bogie’s will make every effort to host a memorable competition, again, and it should be a good move for the house, also. When I called a motel several weeks ago to make a reservation I asked to speak to the manager, but the lady said he was out this week for open-heart surgery! There’s a tough dude. Anyway, if I’m still on my feet and there’s something to eat, if there’s gas in my hack and my laundry is back, if I’m in the right lane and I don’t hit a train you can tell ‘em I’ll be there.

Watched a great match on YouTube yesterday, the finals of a ten-ball event at Hard Times – I assume this year, but they never said. A young Mexican player named Ruben Bautista went against Dennis Orcullo in a race to eleven. Both played well and they were neck and neck the whole way. Bautista was on his way, possibly for the win, until he made a serious error and hooked himself. Orcullo was the winner, but the young guy looked great and I will expect to hear his name more now. Good watching, even though it wasn’t one-pocket.

On the same day I saw a very good speaker in a one-hour program from Talks at Google, as he addressed an audience of young people. Frank Abagnale was the guy who was portrayed in the movie ‘Catch Me If You Can’. I did not see the movie, but I think Tom Hanks was in it. Abagnale told how he walked out of the courtroom where his parents were getting a divorce – he was sixteen at the time but looked older – and struck out on his own. He went to a tailor and had a uniform made, like the pilots on Pan American Airways and was able to make himself an ID badge also. These served him well for some years, as he was able to fly a million miles free on the jump seats of other airlines, never Pan American, and it enabled him to cash the hot checks he was writing as he went. In the Carolinas he successfully posed as a pediatrician. Here in Louisiana he posed as a lawyer and got a job in the office of the Attorney General, practicing law for a year.

In France he was arrested for forgery and served a term of several years in a French prison. When he got out he was extradited to Switzerland and spent some years in a jail there, and when that hitch was done he was extradited to the US and sentenced to a term of twenty years. After four years he was released to the FBI and has worked for them for more than forty years so far, much of it under cover. I found him a great non-stop speaker who never had to pause in his presentation. He had some excellent insights into the communication industry and what would happen in the near future. He said passwords would disappear forever, with a program called Trusona making absolute identification of us all. Some good information, and I recommend the show. Very impressive guy, as you might imagine.
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