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Originally Posted by NH Steve View Post
Wouldn't surprise me lol, but what round did I miss??? There are a few that I piggy backed cuz winners and losers can play at the same time....
I don't know, I didn't scrutinize your schedule that much
I've been playing one pocket most of the day. I just know it takes 10 rounds to finish a 32 double elim with a single final. If you count to the left it will give you the correct number. I do see you have softened your stance a little on certain race to two scenarios. I appreciate that. One of my main concerns is penalizing a faster players next match when the slower player in the previous match caused it. Making independent decisions like that on the fly without actually watching every match is a tough chore and a hard lesson for a director. Whoever has to do that ain't going to make IMO it's better to keep the races the same regardless of what's decided. Just schedule to start on Thursday night if you have to have 3/3 so you don't have 12-14 hour days on any given day...
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