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Thanks Steve. I know you have spent a lot of time on this and it's obvious your really trying to make everybody happy while doing what's best for the tournament.. It's much appreciated.
Now that you've done this scheduling yourself and seen what the scheduling really looks like, I think now you can see what the problems have been all along. You see, I have already done all this before Chicago and Cali. After Chicago failing after I brought up the scheduling problems I was even more vocal about the problems before Cali and again ignored as a complainer. So I didnt go.
Now you have Tom and several others backing out of the seniors and as I explained before, people will not keep on attending tournaments who's formats don't allow timely finishes each day.
One thing that still stands out is your saying we might have to increase the races to two for more matches or have a late night. I mean, why have a late night at all as you say might be necessary and make all the losers go to two? Seems like the simplest solution with no other tweaking, shot clocks or grady rule needed for slow play. I really don't see a down side to timely finishes each day.

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