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Originally Posted by Miller View Post
Four point plan from the school of Crabb Man and Miller…..

Here’s the simple truth:

(1) Tourneys need to either (A) start a day earlier -or- (B) start early the first day

(2) You have to play 2 rounds on both the loser and winner side the first day (for a 2 day regional event, you have to play 3 on the loser side)

(3) Loser side matches need to be races to 2 (unless you start a day early – see point #1 above)

(4) Matches that go over “x” amount of time need a mechanism to speed them up….shot clock, proceeding racks to 6 balls, or grady rule…..pick one

(I told myself I wasn’t going to weigh in on this anymore, and here I just did…..)

You're welcome
Crabb is definitely right. If you want double-elim and need a timely finish, then it needs to be 3-2. It doesn't matter how many rounds there are total, it matters how many rounds there are in the *losers bracket*. There are more matches in the losers bracket so you end up with the winners side waiting around for the losers side to catch up.

There are only two solutions:

1. Have a double-elimination tournament and make the losers side go faster than the winners side with shorter matches: 3/2 races.

2. Don't have a double-elimination tournament. Here are two options for this: (1) round robin feeding into single elimination brackets or (2) a modified double elimination. The latter would be something like once the winners side is down to 8, those 8 play for 65% of the pot, paying out 1-2-3 and the losers side plays for 35% of the pot, paying out 1 and 2.
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