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Originally Posted by crabbcatjohn View Post
Needless to say unwatchable too. As a tournament director you need a plan in your back pocket if matches like this happen.
If I was in a match that long, unless it was like an ahead set or something of course, I would be done. I mean I would not lose on purpose or anything but my hole is going to start getting shot at. In other words, unwatchable, and unplayable too, at least for me.

The way to beat a player like that, in my estimation, is because they are so afraid of offense there is obviously a reason for that. So I think in a general sense, when someone is so afraid to shoot, that equates to needing a lot of innings to get to 8. So, shooting at your hole with a feeling of almost impunity can definitely be the way to go. And guess what, that can make them clam up even more... so great, I can shoot even more.

I gotta say I played my fair share of one hole and I never once had a guy play me like what you are talking about. Things do seem a little faster paced in one hole on the west coast though, for better or worse. I have actually seen players get pressured many times in smaller one hole tournaments in LA for taking even a bit too long, or even not shooting too, believe it or not. Right or wrong have seen it many times from guys that command respect. Maybe there is something to that?

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