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Default Goin' to Houston

My trip to the recent event at Bogey’s in Houston was an adventure. I lost forty minutes in Lake Charles in a traffic jam, and then when the GPS gadget advised that I had reached my destination I was still five miles from the pool room. Even when I was pressing on down fm1960 the machine kept trying to steer me back to the wrong spot. Had to switch it off - I might have thrown it away that day, except that it was borrowed.

It’s hard not to have a good time in the company of dedicated one-pocket players even though I was not there to play. We all had at least one thing in common – Medicare. There was a lot of gray hair and gray whiskers on display, and a couple of bald heads, too. I saw a number of guys that I had met during my first visit and met a lot more this time, most of them members of this web site. Saw Steve Booth for the first time and enjoyed his company several times. Steve can play – hell, they could all play. I was smart enough to leave my stick in the Honda, so I was conspicuous mostly just because I talked the whole time I was in town. Don’t get many such opportunities.

I got to meet Long-Strokin’ John Nevin and the World’s Greatest Cobra Pilot and Larry Landsman, lll (not to be confused with III). Renewed acquaintances with Jeff Sparks and John Henderson and Robert Newkirk and Gulfport Doc and Rod Stephens, who did not enter, but came around to see the guys play. I won’t try to list all the good people that I was able to spend quality time with, but a few were notable in one way or another. Fireman Casey was there from New Orleans, still strolling around in shoes that feature coil springs under his heels. He swears by those funny-looking shoes and says they keep him on his feet. That’s got to be good. There is other similar footwear on the market, and I always have to think of the Kangaroo Spring Shoes advertised in the comic books of maybe about 1943.

Dress code for the event was super casual, and perhaps the most super of all was Sammy Jones, who turned out in color-coordinated golf outfits. On the final day he showed up in a blood-red golf shirt and matching red golf cap and matching red laces in his sneakers. I was impressed. Excellent player, as well, and probably not one of the ones cited here recently for slow play. Sammy keeps it moving.

One of the players I wanted to see was Ike Runnels, who says he lives in Kankakee, Illinois – made famous in a Willie Nelson train song. Ike is a tough opponent, but also was involved in some of the longest matches. I won’t say just how long – maybe someone else will. One has to be a really hide-bound railbird to spectate at one of his encounters. He was one of the two finalists who eventually split up the money at four a.m. on the day after the last day of the tournament. The people who put this thing together (it was not a OnePocket.Org tourney) will be trying to avoid such as that for next year. There is an elephant in the pool room.

Bogey’s is a great host and treated everyone royally. On Saturday they supplied box lunches for the players, and it was not field rations, either. Included were excellent sandwiches and chips and salad, and there were fruit cups and various pastries for dessert. Sizeable packets, all stacked on a table in the concourse. If they had posted anyone for security I wasn’t able to spot him, so I put the snatch on one of the boxes and dined pretty good while watching Ike and Scott Kitto. Good for John Rizzo and the house.

Across the road from the pool room I saw a Starbucks and I went inside and ordered a café-au-lait. This caused some confusion among the staff behind the counter, who finally put their heads together and conferred in a foreign language and agreed they had never heard of such a potion as that. However, they made a ‘miso’ for me, which they made from coffee and hot milk – not bad at all. I thought it tasted sort of like a café-au-lait.

I stayed at a Rodeway Inn, where the chief attraction was that it was only about a mile from Bogey’s, but I must acknowledge there was plenty of hot water and the towels were not bad at all. All in all, I had a fine time for a reasonable amount of money. I’m not at all sure I could do it again next year, but who knows? If they get the road fixed in Lake Charles, you know what I mean?
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