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*** It came as a shock to me on the Sunday morning after the recent tournament in Houston to learn that a player named James Davis, Sr. was the guy who had split the money with Ike Runnels in the wee hours. I tried to recall seeing anyone by that name around the tables, much less that he had torched the field without losing a match. I had not watched him play Ė even for five minutes. While I was wandering around watching Joe Blow and John Doe, James Davis, Sr. was playing better than any of them. No doubt this says something about me and about James, too. Thereís a message there.

*** I had a very good waffle today and some grits and coffee Ė thatís a real treat. It occurred to me that it would be a fine thing if the U.S. Congress was turned over to the people who run Waffle House. They would get things done and send a lot of deadheads home. Apparently the rest of us wonít do anything like that. There was a notice on the door offering a free waffle to anyone who showed up in holiday garb on Christmas Day. I like free stuff pretty good, so I have bought one of them red and white Santa Claus caps. I thought it was a pretty cheesy cap for $7.95 Ė I should have shopped around, but a free waffle is a free waffle.

*** I donít know how it is where you live, but here in South Louisiana there seems to be a lot of stealing going on, and more than a few thefts have been done by the wives of elected officials who put their spouses on the payroll in jobs where their money is. In one rural parish the wife of the Chief of the volunteer department seems to have made off with $227 K, in about a year. When their insurance premium came due recently, there was less than a thousand dollars in the bank, and other government agencies had to bail them out. The Chief says he will pay it all back. Someone needs to pay closer attention, especially in those situations. Bad combination, your honey and your money.

*** Lots of murders also Ė you can definitely get killed in this town, especially if you are a rap artist. We have lost several rappers recently, and most of those cases are unsolved. Many victims, we are told, are good citizens who fell in with a bad crowd. When the bad crowd is identified and cleaned up, I will let you know.

*** For some reason that I canít remember I have been sleeping in a queen-size bed for more than ten years. I finally got rid of it and took an extra twin bed from one of my daughters. Itís miserable. Iím not really a tall man, but I guarantee you Iím too tall to sleep in a twin bed, so it is on the way out, and I have been shopping for a twin xl, meaning a bed that is about five inches longer. There doesnít seem to be a single one anywhere in town, they all offer to order one for me. Everyone today is sleeping in a queen or a king size, I suppose. So I ordered a bed online; itís one of the bed-in-a-box things, and it is supposed to inflate itself when I take it from the box. I picked it almost at random, from a long list of brand names I never heard before, and they all promise to give you your money back if you donít like the bed. Sleep in it for maybe a hundred nights, and you can tell them to come and get it. A new adventure, but Iím saving about thirty thousand dollars. Itís unreal, what they want for a new bed at the store.

*** Here in my golden years (!?) sleeping is a crapshoot. Sometimes not too bad and sometimes terrible. I dream. My good dreams are about bowling and Iím stringing the strikes like a champ. My bad dreams are about the sign shop and Iím always up against a deadline that I canít possibly make. Once I dreamt I was in the NBA, playing against all the tall stars. Didnít even have a uniform, and nobody would throw me the ball anyway. Finally, a loose ball on the floor and I made a dive for it and threw myself off the bed. Knocked over the lamp and the bedside table. My adventures in bed ainít what they used to be.
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