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Theoretically, bank shots are kind of twice as long as the equivalent straight in shots -- that makes them twice as tough in simple terms of the execution accuracy necessary to successful score your bank shots -- in a way. So all aspects of your fundamentals and improved accuracy pay off in banks. This to me is the big reason why more than any other discipline at DCC, those "non-bank-playing" players often run deep in the banks division, in my opinion. They simply execute so damn well, that extra distance in overall shot is less of a problem for them than it is for others -- even players that play banks all the time!

But then there is the other factor of course, the knowledge of how rebounds are influenced by english, speed and cut angle -- because of the cushion or cushions along the way. Regular banks players have these factors deep in their DNA from years of experience. However, in competition like DCC, those inexperienced players with great execution make up for their lack of knowledge a good bit by focusing on shots that don't require quite such deep feel adjustments. But I digress.

For me, I bank best when I shorten my bridge a little (to better control my english, or lack thereof), and I also try to put a little extra into my pre-shot routine to give myself the best chance to pocket my shot.

I often aim using my cue stick to help me accurately visualize exactly the first rail approach angle I think will be successful for my shot -- measuring the cut angle on the object ball essentially, even more so than picking a target spot on the rail -- although that cue stick aiming method gives the spot on the rail too -- it is not actually my primary focus -- that is primarily on locking in on my initial cut angle on the object ball, and letting the stroke speed and english take care of the rest.

I wish I could get more people to play up here -- I love the game but there is just no Banks tradition at all up here in NH.
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