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Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Well, thought I was getting things back in order. Tony was a no show today so
I went and did my normal stuff, check stroke, some Corner 5 and +2's then
went into Rotation for 3 racks and some 14.1, 4 racks. Everything was doing
fine. The Banks I attempted went in the hole, not all but the misses weren't to
far off so I felt good about that. Then the tourney started, you'd be wrong to
think I did well. Felt like I got steamrolled by a heard of midget Hippos. Up-n-
down then up-n-down and out ... I did get the "Shiney new Quarter" for being
the first one out. Hung around and watched the rest play. Why not it was 99*
and they had the swamp coolers working ... .

Now I need to get the solo working stuff to meld with the other folks too stuff.

As always, all thoughts and suggestions welcomed.

Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...
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