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Whitey, Howdy;

Thinkin' your take on what happened with your student is what happened.
Good to hear he won his tourney.

Found out why Tony didn't make it Tues. He passed away that afternoon. I was
told about it yesterday by 2 of his nieces. Congestive heart failure.

Anyway, ... I was warming up when I got the news and just kept on warming up
Things were flowing kinda well nothing special. Got into the tourney and walked
right through it to win. Yea, me! Along the way things that were being worked
on were working. Perhaps not at 100% but above 45%. Being 9-ball shot selection
is limited, at best. I was able to connect the dots several times to make some
shots I wouldn't have even thought of a short while ago. Thank you and
everyone else that has contributed here for y'all's support. I think that Tony,
may have had a hand in putting down the Hipster Canteen Mgr. Tony loved
shooting Banks. I'm gonna miss him.

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