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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
I had a former student come over the other day, he wanted me to work with him on 8-ball strategy. But I was unable to for my daughter and family came over, so he hit by himself. But I stepped in on him when he was ready to stop practicing, and he had about 8 balls on the table, and I gave him a strategy lesson on that layout concerning shooting stripes or solids. He then asked me if shooting on a 5 x10 would screw him up for the bar table 4 x 8 tournament tonight. I said; "no". He thought he was really practicing well. He won the tournament, his first one ever, and he went undefeated straight through.

I think practicing by himself without me there allowed him to focus more, and I gave him just enough input to give him what he thought was a mental edge. I mean he is the type that has a million things going through his head on each shot. If I would of coached him up for an hour then the tournament would of been a disaster for him, to much going on in his head.

For you and everyone our age, I believe it is going to be a roller coaster ride, it is not like when we were young and had instant recall. Once we got a shot, we had it. Go a week or two without shooting and still got it. Heck I can not remember short term worth a heck and I believe this effects pool. Whitey
coach whitey....i like the ring to that......
congratulations on your students success.
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