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Originally Posted by hankh View Post
Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Well, thought I was getting things back in order. Tony was a no show today so
I went and did my normal stuff, check stroke, some Corner 5 and +2's then
went into Rotation for 3 racks and some 14.1, 4 racks. Everything was doing
fine. The Banks I attempted went in the hole, not all but the misses weren't to
far off so I felt good about that. Then the tourney started, you'd be wrong to
think I did well. Felt like I got steamrolled by a heard of midget Hippos. Up-n-
down then up-n-down and out ... I did get the "Shiney new Quarter" for being
the first one out. Hung around and watched the rest play. Why not it was 99*
and they had the swamp coolers working ... .

Now I need to get the solo working stuff to meld with the other folks too stuff.

As always, all thoughts and suggestions welcomed.

look at you hank
rolling off the tip of your tongue..."corner 5 and plus2 " systems.....
alittle while ago you thought that was a language you didnt speak..............
nice to see you are assimilating things.

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