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Whitey & lll, Howdy;

Nope haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth...

Having a few moments of inspired brilliance inter-spaced with huge swaths of
utter frustration. Learning curve is less now but still fairly steep. Rome weren't
built inna day and I'm on day 29. Still looks/feels as if I'm only just coming off
the starting line and I reckon I truly am still near the Start. Whitey you've been
at the Banks game for awhile now and Larry you have as well so the rewards
are there I just need keep on trying and working on the tuning of Angle, speed,
hit & end result.
Just thought I'd let y'all know I'm still pluggin' away at this and Thank y'all for
the help and suggestions/support.


PS. I mis-spoke, been at it 4 mo an 9 days still feels up hill both ways ... chuckle.
Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...

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