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Default Eagles and such

Well, just about everything I have learned this year has come from Google, YouTube and this website. Everybody is watching TV but all the news there is bad, so I stick to my reliable sources. I suppose this puts a bit of pressure on you guys, but it is what it is.

Jeffrey Epstein made some more headlines a few days ago. He was found laid out in his cell in the pokey with some sort of injuries to his neck. Even YouTube doesnít pretend to know what happened, so take a guess and you might be right. Appears to be too late for anybody to kill him but maybe he tried to do the Dutch Ė and if not, why not? It must be tough to be as rich as he is and to be even more notable for something else. We havenít even been told he was kind to animals or anything like that. Nobody Ė but nobody Ė is putting in a good word for Epstein. What will they write on his stone?

Iíve been following a website called Stephen Fry in America. Fry is a portly Englishman on a tour of the fifty states and doing some good shows at every stop. He motors around in a little black sedan Ė I canít quite make out what it is. Heís a homely character and itís not easy to watch him because he resembles that idiot, Piers Morgan, but he is likable and casual and finds people happy to talk with him wherever he goes. Today I watched him travel the river, beginning in New Orleans and tracking the Big Muddy all the way to Minnesota, driving mostly US 61 which goes right through my town on its route.

I also watched the young Big Bear eagle take off on his very first flight, on his one hundredth day of life. All the wildlife cams are wonderful Ė and the eagle cams especially- but the Big Bear group is a favorite. The TV camera is mounted on the very edge of the nest, way the hell up in the top of a big tree. When one of the parents arrives with a fish, it is torn up and eaten within about two feet of the camera. We can see a river down below, and to the eagles itís always Friday Ė they have fish every day. Once we saw one of the wildlife guys show up at the nest and put leg bands on both this yearís chicks, for identification. Later he made the climb again and weighed both young birds. He comes on camera with all his climbing gear on, and it must be a helluva workout to reach that nest. You know how them wildlife people are Ė they do whatever they have to do and they go where the critters are.

There are also cameras on the bears catching salmon in the rivers and the swift water. There are so many fish that you might see a bear catch one and take a bite or two and toss the carcass aside and catch another one. Down in south Florida there is a young guy who hikes far into the Everglades and sets up Browning cameras that are camouflaged and motion activated. He leaves them up for many weeks and then finds dozens of videos recorded with all the wildlife that passes, day or night. It records the sound, also. Big alligators, by the way, donít crawl around on their bellies. They get up on their legs and walk. Maybe some of you did not know. But you all care, donít you? The woods and all outdoors in this country are now full of such cameras. Itís not only the government taking pictures today, so dress nice when you go out hunting or fishing and check around before you pee. Donít forget what you look like when the weather is cold and a picture of it could show up on social media.

I watched a video yesterday of a dark-skinned man in a jewelry store, who did a very kind thing for a young mother who tried to sell her ring to get money to buy food for her young children. Recorded and sponsored by ĎAmerica For Arabsí. I donít know what to make of that Ė never heard of that group before.

I mustnít forget that this is a one-pocket site and not a Daníl Boone thing. I watched an old video of an interview with Freddie the Beard Bentivegna in Chicago. If you have been around here for more than just a few years you can remember Freddie. He was very active here from the early days of the site. Good interviewer and a good TV show, very funny. Freddie talked about the Ďold daysí of hustling and grifting and gambling and life at Bensingerís. He explained what it meant to Ďplay on assí and what a Ďthrough ticketí was and also a Ďshit mickeyí. He had been there and had done it all, and he left some great stories here for us. He died too soon.

When I sit here at the computer and watch the matches, old or recent, I do a running commentary aloud. Itís not that I comment that much on the play, but I get pretty excited coaching the players. As I look at the table I generally see the very best shot for the occasion and I point it out to the shooter at least once. He might hesitate, but I donít cut him any slack Ė I repeat it until he sees the light or shoots something else. They donít always pay attention as they should and itís only blind luck if they succeed without my help. It is just as well that there is no one to hear me.

Thatís it. Iím going to bed soon Ė itís nearly one AM. High time for the rest of you to call it a day, also Ė except for maybe Jimmy B Ė he stays up later than I do.
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