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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
This match should be really good. Tony has no fear and it's hard to keep him off a shot. Alex really kept him in a box during their match. I don't see Dennis playing that much defense, so Tony should get his chances. It all depends on the first day. If Tony starts out strong, he has a good chance to pull the upset. If he starts out 10-6 or 10-7 loser, the next day is a 12 hour day and he is not built for long matches.

Dennis has been playing a lot of one pocket, giving up huge spots, so his defense is better than you last saw it. Still, the weak players never put the heat on you that Tony will, so it is a different kind of game.

If Tony plays well early, we might have a classic on our hands. If he gets out to a slow start, it could be over early.
As always, I agree with your synopsis Joe...

I wonder what kind of odds Dr. Bill or anyone else places on this match...I may be interested
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