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Default Casper the camel

Before I came back to Baton Rouge, I lived in Grosse Tete for several years. Itís a community on I-10 about twenty miles west of here. There isnít much in Grosse Tete except for a truck stop with a fairly good cafť and a big parking lot. It has always been called the Tiger Truck Stop because they kept a live tiger in a pen. The animal rights people stayed after the owner for years about that tiger, without getting much satisfaction, and finally Tony the Tiger got old and had to be put down and that was the end of that. Except that now the guy keeps a camel in a pen out there, a camel named Casper, which leads me into a story the likes of which you may never hear again Ė even if you live to be as old as Kirk Douglas.

Several days ago an elderly truck driver from Florida, along with her husband and the family dog, pulled into the Tiger Truck Stop and strolled over to look at Casper the camel. Having nothing better to offer the beast one of them tossed some doggie treats into the pen. Casper was not interested but the dog was and he ducked under the wire and went to scarfing up the goodies. This alarmed the man and wife and they also ducked under the wire to rescue their pooch and somewhere along the way they offended Casper, who sat down on the lady. In a panic to get free she bit the camelís gonads Ė chomped right down on his family jewels. If Iím lyiní Iím dyiní. This had the desired effect and Casper got to his feet and the folks were able to escape the pen. The Morning Advocate reported that no one had any serious injuries, but just to be on the safe side some antibiotics were administered Ė (are you ready for this?) to the camel! I have not heard that the animal rights folks were involved at any point in my story, and I am repeating it here as sort of a public service bulletin. If you ever find yourself under a seated camel Ė or maybe even a dromedary, I suppose Ė this is what you must do. Assuming a boy camel, of course.

Those of you who have visited the old Greenway Billiards on Greenwell Springs Road here in Baton Rouge may remember Jessie Romig, the former proprietor. Jessie lives out in Grosse Tete and is currently suffering from a dementia and is in very poor health. He has played host and backer for Buster Merchant and Louie Roberts and others back in the day. Talking history here, guys.

The local police received a report of a mob demonstrating in the street and waving automatic weapons and being boisterous. Responding, they broke up the disturbance, arresting six demonstrators and seizing fifteen of the weapons. Several were assault rifles and several were stolen. Mean-looking guns, displayed on a table and photographed for todayís paper. Turns out they were filming a video for a rap musician! Rap is serious business around here, and the rappers burn more than a bit of powder among themselves and there is an occasional fatality. Gotta have guns for a rap video, apparently.

I just watched a video of a match from the West Coast Swing for 2018. A player named Bryce Avila was the superior one-pocket player and he won the match from Josh Clover. A couple of capable shot-makers and a couple of memorable items from the video. Clover might be the tallest player I ever saw Ė I mean reaaaly tall Ė and I was hoping he would encounter a shot that he would have to stretch for, but it didnít happen. Avila had a BIH shot at two spotted balls, and he set up Jojo for an apparent okey-doke shot, but he didnít go all out to force the front ball forward. Instead he tried to double-bank the back ball to his pocket and wound up with the worst result one could imagine. The front ball crossed the table and settled right in front of the wrong pocket and the other one caught the side pocket on the way back and followed the front ball to within a foot of Cloverís pocket, too. Luckily, it didnít cost him the game. It was an entertaining match, complete in an hour. I watched with the commentary muted.

Trying to think of a good camel joke, but I only know one, and I wonít attach it here. Maybe I will post it in the Memberís Cafť in a day or two. One of my favorites, but a bit long and not for everyone. Later.
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