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Originally Posted by fred bentivegna
Newman, Gleason and the fag, over Fats?!! Tevis is full of shit saying, "work of fiction, no real people." Bull shit! He told me that same bag of puce in Dayton OH. In the book he describes a rat joint that I played in on Congress and State, to a tee, a real place; hamburger joint up front, pool tables in the back. He has a guy in there that is supposedly fictional. He is the first guy that Eddie plays after his thumbs heal. The old slavic guy that took up hustling after he came to America in his 50s. That was Tom Smith, my good friend. There aint no coincidence like that. Two slavs that took up pool in their 50s? And if you knew Tom, like I did, Tevis's description of him is dead on. Tom hustled pool up until he was a 100 years old! He was a gigolo when he was in his eighties. Big, strong, bull of a man. Faught off a stick up guy when he was 90. Refused to give up the money to a man with a .45. Took a pistol whipping instead. I'd walk thru a long puddle of Figeroa's bullsh*t, in my bare feet, to spend some time around Fats.
At Johnston City, any broke, young pool player could get an automatic hot $20 bill from Fatty, no questions asked. A $20 bite back then was a weeks rent and 3 or 4 meals. That I know from personal experience. A guy named Lindy who used to live down there, when he found out I was empty, he said, c'mon with me, Fatty will put you in action. Lindy intro'd me to Fats as a young, broke pool player, and Fatty hit his roll and peeled off a tough 20, no problem. There was a line of guys that went on the books. I watched him play Ronnie, nobody can tell me he couldnt play.

the Beard

I know Fat's speed in his prime, from people who knew, like Marcel Camp, Chicago Pony, Gene Skinner and others.
Calm down Fred,

You act like I said Fat's was a piece of crap. I never said one thing about his character or generosity. I know he had many good qualities...It is obvious which of his character trait's, made him your HERO !..(but sorry, he had MUCH more personality, to go with his B...ging ! (He also really endeared himself to broke "bite artist's" [sic] )

You are certainly entitled to your opinion re; Tevis. All authors draw from their life experiences, how else could they communicate to the masses. (not just our sub-culture)

If you can't see that Tevis MADE Fat's..(accidetally, or not)....rather than Fat's making Tevis...than you have a very ignorant and biased take on the whole subject.

As for his "street smarts", he was in a class by himself... But,If you think he was in the top echelon of 1P players of his era, I don't happen to agree. Thats why they have Bascom-Robbin's !

He could outsmart almost all of them, but without his built-in shark, and the con, he couldn't compete at their level, at hardly any discipline...EVEN UP. I also have a long list of very credible sources.

Are you saying the four people I mentioned, did not give pool a much needed shot in the arm...when it needed it most ? Obviously, their contribution, (except for Tevis)..was accidental...But, they had the capacity to make many, many time the impact that Fat's could ever remotely make, and they did !...Your denouncement of them, as a major factor, shows that you were as immersed in the miniscule "pool world", as Jay H. was !...You are just blindly showing you refusal to accept the actual FACT'S !

If it had not been for "the Hustler".. NO ONE, (outside of our LITTLE world) would ever have even heard of "Minnesota Fats", much less Rudolph Wanderone..... George Jansco saw that immediately.. If you can't, then you have your blinders on !... Methinks you are letting old "hard-ons" cloud your usually sensible [sic] judgement.

San <---can hardly wait for your buddy Lou to weigh in..

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