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Originally Posted by SJDinPHX
Calm down Fred,

You act like I said Fat's was a piece of crap. I never said one thing about his character or generosity. I know he had many good qualities. (especially those that really endeared him to broke "bite artist's" [sic] )

You are certainly entitled to your opinion re; Tevis. All authors draw from their life experiences, how else could they communicate to the masses. (not just our sub-culture)

If you can't see that Tevis MADE Fat's...rather than Fat's making Tevis...than you have a very strange and biased take on the whole subject.

As for his "street smarts", he was in a class by himself. If you think he was in the top echelon of 1P players of his era, I don't happen to agree. Thats why they have Bascom-Robbin's.

He could outsmart almost all of them, but without his built-in shark, and the con, he couldn't compete at their level, at hardly any discipline...EVEN UP. I also have a long list of very credible sources.

Are you saying the four people I mentioned, did not give pool a much needed shot in the arm...when it needed it most ? C'mon Fred...get real.

If it had not been for "the Hustler"... NO one outside of our little world, would ever have even heard of "Minnesota Fats", much less Rudolph Wanderone..

If you can't see have your blinders on. Methinks you are letting old "hard-ons" cloud your usually sensible [sic] judgement.

San <---can hardly wait for your buddy Lou to weigh in..

It's amazing how you took my unshakeable argument apart. All you had to do was ignore all the evidence I put forth, sidestep my most important points, where I name names and places, and then put forth claims, accusations, and conclusions that I never made, in order for you to debunk them. You need to get a job with MSNBC.

How many tournaments have you seen Newman, Fatso and the fag attend? How many have they sponsored, like they do for golf and auto racing? I only know of one tourn that Tevis ever attended.

The cast members of Hustler and TCOM care as much about pool as I care about them and the rest of the populace of Hollywood. Gleason played exactly one person the whole time he was in Miami. How many golf events did he front for? I'm a Sicilian Italian, and where I come from, family is family, and Fats is family.

Tevis wrote a great book. I just dont like the fact that he was vain enough to claim that he invented Fats in his own little brain. Just like the big poolroom in Chicago was named "Bennington's." Another coincidence.

the Beard

I also didnt miss the way you made the bite from Fats seem "dirty" and unseemly. More trick rhetoric that had nothing to do with the basic contentions.
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