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Doc, you pretty much nailed it with every line, including Danny Di's opinion (and probably George Rood's opinion, too -- although he isn't as outspoken as Danny).

Dick, You are right about Squirrel and Beenie being influential in getting George Jansco to hold a One Pocket tournament, but you have your facts wrong about RA -- he was not a factor at Johnston City until later. Cokes would have been another pre-tournament Johnston City guy, along with Taylor & probably Schriver. I do not know for sure about either of the "Reds", but I have my doubts about Jersey Red anyway.

Originally Posted by SJDinPHX
I know he was instrumental in getting the Jansco's to include one pocket in their first tournament, but so was Squirrel, Beanie, RA, both Red's, and all the other top one holer's of that era. It was allready an established action game. He just had George's ear a little better than the rest.
Another thing that is a plus for Fats in my opinion is that when he came out with his own rule book, it not only included One Pocket, it featured it right on the cover! Contrary to Mike Shamos's article on the history of One Pocket, Fats' rule book was out about a year before the BCA deigned to include One Pocket in their rule book (oh, dear, it is a gambling game )

Here's another question for you. The Hustler movie opened the door, but it took Fats to turn the character into the most unforgettable name in pool. Just for example, several other players back then tried to get traction with the "Fast Eddie" moniker -- including RA. You are a big RA fan; well try explaining why a true character, (and better player than Fats) could not get near as much traction with "Fast Eddie" name as Rudy did with the "Minnesota Fats" name? Big, big difference.

I never saw Fats, but there is no question that he was a huge early and loud promoter of the game of One Pocket.
"One Pocket, it's an epidemic and there ain't no cure."
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