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Originally Posted by One Pocket Ghost
All of this said by Sherm and Billy is so obviously true, that it's ridiculous to think any differently...

The scratch can be worth anywhere from 0, to many balls - this result being completely changeable from rack to's just one example...

You're playing a guy 8 to 8, but you get a scratch - It's the 4th inning of the game, 0 to 0 - You use your scratch to put your opponent in a bad trap - He tries to get out of it and sells out - You run 8 and out....How much was that scratch just worth to you that game?....

- Ghost

Although Bill is correct, you and cuesmith are not. AB said "here is the value before the balls are broken" or words to that effect. You and cuesmith both put forth scenarios that occur after the balls are broken. You can always make up a situation where the spot will hurt or help the weaker player.

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