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I would gladly play a guy who could give me 10-8 and be close with scratches dont count. Keep in mind it would be WAY different at pro level. I wouldnt consider it.

The stipulation is that jumping a ball off the table OR scratching in the pocket are still considered a foul. Otherwise there are a few bad traps we all know of.

In other words, you have control of whether you give a ball to the spot - if you leave the cueball on the table no ball owed if it leaves the table in any way you owe one.

End game your opponent will learn he cannot leave you close by the pocket. It costs him a ball. Opening game he starts off frozen between the rail and the ball by his pocket unless there is higher percentage shot. Mid game.

You have to milk the spot and play an entire different game.

But at the level of play say Pagulayan is at I would want to make LESS balls and the real effect of On-table fouls not counting is to get your opponent to make a few more and to use it in the few and far between circumstances where you can turn around the position of the table by leaving him bad - That alone is worth less than a ball a game in the long run.

What is another ball or two for Pag? Scott? Not much. So at that level I would rather have to go less to their more, than figuring in the foul not counting, as it is only good for making them go to another ball or two.

And the best trap I found for the spot - throughout the game you do this....

Weigh the strength of this move (A) against move (B) when you have balls to run but cant get but one or two
(A) run and play a mild move/strategy/aggressive shot
(B) Slow roll last ball to your hole, so he has to give it up. Now you are by a pocket and corner hook him. Or he has to leave you elsewhere...would you rather be elsewhere as to make move (A) or have him corner hooked than (A) then choose this option.

That is the Tip of the iceberg. The WHOLE tip, granted, but there is more.
What is more potentially rewarding A or B? EVERY SINGLE SHOT of the game you must face this. And if you are a good soft touch player the spot is worth more than the spot is to an aggressive player. But against a pro....I dont like it sayin its worth a ball. Either case you have to know the spot and be the type of patient player it takes to know if you can adjust and play accordingly, many cannot.

But you will find 6 spots on the table(the pockets) where you CAN NOT LEAVE ME if I get this spot. And then it is no good to ever leave in the center of the table....So where will you leave me? Wherever it is I would hope it is within a foot of another ball unless I have a 100 percent shot, as I will CONSTANTLY weigh whether a shot is better than freezing you on the nearest ball, titty, or sometimes rail.

But I would DEFINITELY rather have a hand span. Then you never have a complete trap.

But I say these things in relation to my game, and considering the speed of a guy who would give me 10-8 play all night and be close. Someone heavier weight it is different. LEss and less of a spot as their ability is more and more.
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