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Originally Posted by One Pocket Ghost
Dennis, Dennis, Dennis - yes we are correct, just like Billy...I can't believe that you don't see that what cuesmith and I said is the reality - whether it's said before the balls are broken, after they're broken, 2 years ago, 2 years from now, it doesn't matter...the non-static nature of the scratch spot, game by game is the reality - this being the case, is why what Billy said is correct - what we said and what Billy said, is all connected, in a matrix.

- Ghost
Ghosty, Bruce, Luke,

Is this analogy correct: If an NFL team is favored by 8 points BEFORE kickoff but then AFTER kickoff the weaker team runs the ball back to the 1 yard line, is the 8 point line still correct? I write this in all seriousness, I'm not an oddsmaker or an NFL bettor(except when stealing from Ducks).

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