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Just in time! I was going to order The GosPool and send a photo for you to autograph for me like I did when I ordered BWTB.
How about Don Willis, Al Coslosky, Irving Crane, Luther Lassiter, "Cuban Joe" Valdez,Richie "Memhis Flash" Austin, Hubert Cokes, Charlie Brinson, Monroe Brock, Charlie Devalliere, Willie Munson, Dallas West, Pete Margo, Jim Rempe,
Norman Hitchcock, George "Rotation Slim" Hairston, Jimmy Fusco, Mike Carella,Clyde Childress, Benny "The Goose" Conway, Richie Florence, John Hagar, Dave "Super Dave" Williams, Frank McGown, Howard Vickery, Alvin "Titanic Thompson" Thomas, Johnny "Johnny Irish" Lineen, Johnny Vives, Johnny Ervolino, Bill Dunsmore, Ismael "Morro" Paez, Cliff Joyner, Ronnie Wiseman, Danny Medina, Edgar "Shake N Bake" White, Earl Herring, Jay Helfert, Bob Vanover, Seth "Buttermilk" Brown, Ernesto Dominguez, Jimmy Marino, "San Jose" Dick Moran, Jack Colavita, Keith Thompson, Steve Cook, C.J. Wiley, Dave Bollman, Bill Stigall, Don Steele, Howie Pearl, Frank Tullos, Cowboy Jimmy Moore, U.J. Puckett, Harold Worst, Boston Shorty Larry Johnson, Mike Eufemia, Joe Canton, Glen Womack, Jay Swanson, George Rood, Earl Heisler, Earl Shriver, Nick Vlahos, Dick Lane, Larry Hubbart, Larry Price, James Walden, "King Kong" Cahvez, Bill Stephen, Mike Massey, James Evans.
I'll add some more later. I'm going to be late picking up the kids.
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