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Sorry I had to rush off. I typed like I was double parked and I'm sorry for some of the mis-spelled names.
Round 2...Junior Goff, Jack Cooney, Donnie Anderson, Joey Spaeth, Eddie Burton,Joe Kerr, Lou Butera, Marshall Carpenter, Danny Gartner, Warren Costanza, Louie Roberts, Junior Harris, Al "New York Blackie" Bonife, George or Paulie Jansco, Rudolph Wanderone, Sonny Springer, Ray Martin, Cicero Murphy, Jimmy Reid, Mike Sigel, Nick Varner, Earl Strickland, Larry Lisciotti, Eddie Taylor, Alton Whitlow, "Detriot Whitey" Eddie Buechene (SP?), Maurice "Tugboat" Whaley, Jimmy Caras (WAS STILL PLAYING Freddie ), Allen Hopkins, Ed Kelly, Jose Parica, Jose Garcia, Pat Fleming, Bobby Hunter, Ralph Guest, Norm The Farmer" Weber, Cole Dixon, Jeff Carter, Mark Beilfus, Jack Breit, Tom Jennings, George Fels, David Matlock, Gene Nagy, Richie Richeson, Toby Fleharty,...these next several are stupid picks on my part but just in case by some rare fluke that you guys missed each other: Truman Hogue, John Brumback, Marvin Henderson, Ike Runnels & Glen Rogers.
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