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Originally Posted by fred bentivegna
Grady Mathews, in his promotional brochure lists the players that he gambled with in his career. The list is formidable and voluminous. But I have a long list too. So Steve Booth and I are concocting a little promotion/game to stir up the forum a bit. Basically we are asking the forum members to come up with players of some reknown from 1965 to 1990 that I didnt gamble with. The first guy that accumulates ten players I ducked or missed will win a Banking With The Beard T-shirt and a BWTB or The GosPool Book. This wont be easy. There are very few players that I didnt cross swords with. Further details will be posted by Steve very soon.

the Beard
Great post Fred, heres a few
Clem Metz
Shorty Johnson
Jack Perkins
Jonnny Vivis
Keith Ryan
J. C. Chapman
Ed Kelly
Jack Coony

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