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Default Jumped the gun a little

Guys, we jumped the gun a little. For brevity, Steve is going to post a list of the for sure guys I played. So you should check the list first before posting. The list wont be complete because those are only the guys I have been able to remember playing. As you name guys that I can recall playing, the list will be extended.
There will be a couple provisos. Guys that seldom bet anyway certainly dont count, (like Irving Crane, Mike Eufemia). Guys that only played straight pool, (Jack Colovita, Frank McGowan, etc.). Guys with one foot in the grave, on social security, and their careers long over, dont count either, (Jimmy Moore, Rotation Slim, Jimmy Caras, Tugboat Whaley?, James Evans? How old do you think I am?) We're only using active known players and gamblers from 1965 to 1990.

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