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Default 1st match(Brandon Shuff)

I will try to recall my matchs one at a time the best way i can. I have been following Brandon's career for about 2 years, since he came down to New Iberria La. he is a great player, and very underrated by people in the south, as for he is from Virginia. We got to talk for a minute before our match and come to find out before he became a top tier player he spared with the guy that help me become a top donkey, the late great man Mike Surber. Mike was from the same area and when he would go visit family he would go play a little pool, apparently they match up more than once, which Brandon tells me he learned alot from Mike in those matches. I was happy to hear him talk about Mike it really helped me calm my 1st match butterflies. I miss him and it make me smile inside when someone talks, or ask about him, as he is missed by more people than i will never know. On to the match the first 4 games are somewhat of a blurr, i do know we were tied up at 2 though, going into it i told myself to be aggressive just like Mike use to tell me about when he played Cliff in 06' for 3rd at the Derby"I felt like I had to beat him(Cliff) to the shot because I'm not going to out move him(Cliff)". I used that mostly, but i do want to say that I did move WITH Brandon, not better but WITH if u know what mean. He had me dead to rights and could not get that last ball, in that last game no exaggeration he had 12 or more shot cross corner for the win he just could not zone in on the hole, and I made the winner shortly after that. He did say that he got a new cue by Lomax I think when he got to Tunica. He did win the bank ring game with the same cue, but as we all know one pocket banks are WAY different than bank pool banks. I did not play better than him but i never gave up and was able to take advantage of his little misfortunes, I am a fan of his game, but more a fan of his character of being a true gentleman and CHAMPION.
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