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Originally Posted by 1 HOLE NUT View Post
There is good and bad things about having a Derby type Tourney at a casino, but the good way out way the bad in my opinion. I had a chance to talk with Greg S. of Diamond and for what he is trying to do for pool if we give him enough time and some participating support there will be a year round pool tour where all us pool loving donkeys can play against and rub elbows with the best pool players in the world.. I think after they iron out all the kinks, and listen and apply all the player input that they can, it will be as good as the Derbys at the old hotel. I did better in Tunica than I did at my only trip to the Derby in 07',both gambling and in tourney mostly because I'm older, but mainly because of some help from my friends in my local pool community,'s Col. Billie Miller for letting me play at his house on his Diamond, Bobby Jones(local cue maker and friend) for getting my cue ready, David W. for trying to help me get pumped up,and Stanton Fountain and his wife for sweating all my matches. ALSO, Brandon Shuff(W), Robb Seaz(W), Buddy Hall(W), Ryan Stone(L), Corey Deuel(L), all these CHAMPIONS weather I beat them or they beat me, showed me the utmost respect even when they know I need 12/4 for the cash.
1 HN, you're killing me with modesty, I assume that's a little of Surber in you, I could be wrong. Anyways, that's a formidable string of opponents you played in the one pocket, pretty impressive to say the least, especially from a guy that needs 12 to 4 I'm curious, have we ever met? I probably saw you in the gambling room, if so I would like to know who you played I may recall the match. Just like to know what you look like, I have to be able to identify all the players that can give me 9/7 Anyway's great playing, and a very good report of your action.

Dr. Bill
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