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Originally Posted by 1 HOLE NUT View Post
First i want to say that when I saw that I had to play Brandon I was thinking I need to find out where the buy back window was. I had not totally given up, but for sure was not expecting the win, so when I saw I had Robb next I realized the hill was just starting, and I better get to climbing. I had seen Robb all over the Magazines, Internet, etc. winning what seem to be ever tourney he entered a few years back, then he kinda faded away for a while then when I went to a few regional tourneys around La., Ms., Al., last year he was there and winning again. Main one being Mobile which is coming up again on the 9th of Aug. 2012, he did not win it last year but I watched him play a 10 a head set against Danny Smith where he was down 9 and came back to win. I'm a fan of his will to win, and I knew I had a very slim chance to beat him. BUT I did win hill/hill last ball THE ONLY WAY I KNOW HOW. He had me 2 to 1 and there was one ball left on the table after some basic one ball moving, and a scratch by both of us then we get are balls back, we both need one and I mess up bad and leave what I though was a hanger for him(in my mind I was unscrewing), he was almost on the head rail with the cue ball, and the 7 ball was 3 inchs off the side rail and less than a diamond from his hole, he was shooting across the table, but he was almost straight in, he decides to slow roll it(the nervous donkey would have jacked up a little bit and poped it). This is the funny part of the story, just like Brandon, Robb had just got a new cue at the tourney from none other than "Lomax" himself, well he missed it bad and left me a easy bank shot where they are 98% to make, and I'm 50%, but 85% to hang real close, I did the 85%. He could not recover from that and a couple of shots later I get the ball. I break the last game and it was fair and get a ball count lead, but he comes back and here we are again one ball left, we move abit then he leaves me this shot that was tough, but for some weird reason as I was getting down on the ball I mum-bulled to myself "I'm going to make this". Donkeys mum-bull. The cue ball and 5 ball were straight in to his hole both being about 1 inch off the rail, cue ball between 1st and 2nd diamond, the 5 being between the side pocket and the 4th diamond, now most of the time I would slow spin it with top right towards my hole making sure I get the cue ball around and out the way, and I'm not joking when I say this but I am ALWAYS banking TOWARD my hole. As I do all the time I changed my mind in mid stroke, that and being abit nervous I hit it pretty stiff, luckily it went in because I did hit it hard enough to leave him straight in if I missed. Robb was understandably a little bit mad, he even said something like never in a million years! He started telling me about his new cue situation which was so oddly familiar to me from my last match I almost went to find Mr. Lomax and thank him personally. He shook my hand like a true gentleman and CHAMPION, and I seen him a couple of times later in the week and he was cool to me, once showing me he switched back to his old cue, and another time joking with me acting like he didn't no part of me. I know where I'm at on the food chain, and that made me fill good. Stay tuned more matches to come!

These are good descriptive posts that we all enjoy. It's good to see what your thinking is and what your tactics are in re to one pocket. When you have a long post you can break it up if you want to by pressing the wide enter button and it will create a space in the post so that it looks like this

when I touch that button and it makes your post so much easier to read, but that is totally up to you. It's just an idea that most all message board users love to use but I think you should become a verified member right away if you keep posting these match reports. They are great..

Also I love that sig line "In There Like Swimwear" It reminds me of a you tube entry I was enjoying a few months ago. Watch how a change of swimsuits really makes these girls look so much better. Hey have you ever played Rob Melrose?? AKA 'The One Pocket Hacker?? Was that joker in Tunica??

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