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Originally Posted by John Brumback View Post
Ooohhh touchy today aren't we. Where and how do you read into that,that I ever put anyone down.I really don't understand that one,buddy.But WHATEVER.I think you need a little pat on the back today. John B.

PS,I didn't put you down or anybody else

pps: Me and Back Playing are good friends too
Dearest CatfishBreath,

Not touchy at all today except I'm getting ready to go in and work 12 hours.

When you refer to players who bet their own as suckers then you should expect a response, that's all. You can get your pats on the back from all the yo-yo's, I give 'em out when deserved.

P.S. You & BackPlaying being friends ain't got nuttin' to do with nuttin'.

Damn, just blew out my "spellcheck".

Take care John.

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