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Originally Posted by Cowboy Dennis View Post
I believe the man answered this question for you already.

As to your other point, I guess we can just assume.

Just think John, soon they may have a Bank Forum on the All-Zaniness site and you'll have hundreds if not thousands of people patting you on the back & telling you how witty you are for repeating things that are said in poolrooms everyday. Of course, you still won't be sure how you'd do bettin' your own.

Maybe while you're having so much fun putting down players who bet their own you'd like to put down AB too?

Cowboy "knows how he does betting his own" Dennis
Gee, I wonder why the site that you claim to make fun of(but still find time to quote and reference all of the time) has more players and more top players. Maybe it's because there's so much going on over there that it doesn't get derailed by one asshole that knows everything and isn't afraid to tell everybody with a scowl on his face.

You know, I started playing because I needed something to do and somebody asked me if I wanted to join a pool team - APA, of course. I've had the same full-time job since before I started playing 7 1/2 years ago. I've got a car payment and a student loan payment(and a girlfriend). I have no relatives in Oregon, so I have to pay to travel to see them. I've improved by playing almost entirely in a bar, quite a bit just by myself. I've played even all the way up to a couple of the Western BCA Master runner-ups(I'm still a B), though a couple of games I did get a spot and ended up giving it up. Yeah, I bet my own with what little I had. If I didn't have to, I sure as hell wouldn't have. There's a difference between having balls and risking the important things in life.

To come on here and see you nitpicking and just being a jerkoff in general to people gets old. I liked the WWYD stuff, but mostly it devolves into people arguing shot choices that could be just as good either way depending on the execution. Other than that, I've picked up quite a bit of information from AZB since I found it and most of it has come without some no-longer-playing asshole trying to tell me that I don't know shit.

Some day I hope I can afford to get Brumback out here and hook him into a sturgeon, but the funds have been needed elsewhere this year. He's a good guy, is willing to offer advice to schmuck B players like me and just likes to talk pool with a smile on his face. I had kept Freddy's number in my cell phone for a few years, hoping that when my brother lived in Janesville I could get down to Chicago and get some learning on, but I've got a little ways to go and money's needed for that, too. Lots of other good people on here, too. Maybe they could care less for me, I don't know. You are passionate about pool, but you turn into a condescending asshole too often.

Have fun with your little playground. I know that I'll still be seeing all of the other friendly faces over at the other place. Sorry,, I've had all I can take.

I'm out.
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