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given name...larry landsman
living now in vero beach fl
started playing aroiund 15-16 in my hometown community center
went to school at tulane in the 1970s
played in the student union and in the college bars
thought i was pretty good until
got hustled by a road player who had sympathy and took me to the sports palace...
and explained the game of one pocket to me...
after watching the likes of earl heisler/new york blackie/st louie louie/bugs rucker quickly realized there was a level of skill playing pool id never seen...
or would get to........
played only a handful of times over the next 30 years
but bought gradys vhs tapes /billy incardona's vhs tapes/wining one pocket and shots moves and strategies ()and alot of accustat tapes
became a student of the game...if i couldnt play i tried to learn
last 2-3 years have a table in my house and am trying to get to where i wont embarrass myself on the table...

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