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I have to 2nd this advice! I'd add, strive to get position within an inch. Put this above running balls, for the runs will come. Greenleaf, they say he could get position within a nickle, and the Deacon that gave Keith all he could handle in Johnston City, ran 309 balls on a 5x10 when he was a young man, and you do not accomplish this by playing slopping shape.

Keith picking Larry Liscotti game is the perfect example of a straight pool player first, playing 9-ball. For he was not your A-typical 9-ball player, for you knew he could play shape for he continually got that perfect shape to effortlessly get from one ball to the next. IMO most 9-ball players in early 70's were incredible shot makers to say the least, and not exactly great position players. Larry had this thing about holding his chalk in his bridge hand while he stroked, can not forget that, what classical style!

Thanks Keith! Your thread brought back fond memories of Liscotti! Whitey

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