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Whitey, Howdy;

Thanks for your second look and the thoughts it generated.

Misses can be both short or long, no pattern there. I do get confused by all
the information but try very hard to remember that the brain is good for the
analysis of setting up the shot but truly sux when it comes to shooting the shot.
I try to keep the brain out of the mix when I get down on the shot and just
allow the muscle memory do it's own thing. But when learning any new skill the
brain keeps elbowing it's way in and kibitzing. So, I need to work a bit more on
mental discipline.

Tomorrow is free day at the VFW so I'll be there for a few hours doing some
drills and busting some racks. My normal routine is do some straight up and
backs (lagging), to find center ball, some side-to-sides for speed control.
Some lagging with 1,2 tips of left and right spin to get used to the table. After
that I generally shoot a few racks of 14.1 then whatever I intend to work on
that day either 8 or 9 ball, scatter 6 balls on the table try to work a pattern
so I can go from 1 to the next an the next to run them out and now Banks.
With every shot I attempt to let the brain do it's job then allow the muscles
to do theirs. Successful 40 to 60 percent of the time. It's a work in
continuous progress.

EDIT: To answer your question, " Tell us what going on in your head before and
when your down on the shot, ok!
" OK, when I look at a shot I try to see the half
between, then to see if there are obstructions in the way, what are the chances
of a scratch, where will the CB go, what speed will it need, can it get to where I
need it next without spin, or if not how much of which to 'make it work'. Once I
make-up my mind it's pretty much just get down on it and shoot. I generally take
a few practice strokes to get the feel for the speed, and check tip alignment for the
CB hit. Short pause, back-swing, another short pause contact CB and follow through.
While down on the shot just keep focus on spot on CB, monitor cue speed, and tip
alignment. After shot, OH JOY or oh poo dependent upon results.
A lot of my present confusion has to do with the new information that has been absorbed
Looking for alternate routs using either cut banks or pass-over banking they need their
own tips of English and I'm realizing this muddies the view. Best to keep it simple
and as my signature says keep it less complicated, don't need to run to the light it
might be a train. Best to take my time and approach slowly and enjoy the journey.

Striving for a less complicated life since 1949 ...

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