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Default sneaky's buffalo's recap

This may end up long. Wanted to record it for myself and figured might as well post it in case anyone else is bored.

Uncle and I got to town Thursday night, just in time to grab Chip on one of the remaining poor boy Calcutta's. Those are super cool, glad they do those.

We settled in ringside and watched most of the first TV table match, Tony vs Alex. What a draw! Tony was really not playing like himself and we left to go watch the end of Chip/Josh. That was a great match and went double hill. Chip had a few chances but Josh ended up getting it. Horse to the loser's bracket in the first round. Oh well. How's double-dip Chip gonna live up to his name if he ain't on the one loss side?
First night was great. Was awesome to not be able to turn your head w/o seeing such high level play. Most people looked to be playing well and many matches went hill-hill.
Justin/Orcollo was probably most impressive. Justin had a huge comeback, i want to say down 4-0, and came back and won.

Got to see LSJohn the first night, too. The devil managed to get the best seat overlooking the tv table so was pretty jealous of his view.
Uncle and I wanted to hit some balls the first night but tables stayed pretty occupied and we didn't manage to get one til maybe 230.
We stayed on Canal so couldn't resist wandering over to Harrah's to finish off the night. Great first day.

Second day we got there for the noon matches and watched Roberto/Efren.
Efren really struggled the first few games and did not look like the same Efren. Missed a lot of balls. Slapped the stick on the table a few times. Kept switching cues.
He ended up making a match out of it and got to Hill Hill but Roberto got it.
Got to meet Joe Long briefly and wish I had gotten to chat with him more. Really nice guy and puts on a hell of a tournament.

That evening watched Alex/Roberto and that was probably my favorite match. Entertainment wise they have great chemistry playing each other and had a lot of fun; also Alex played some really great 1p to beat Roberto 5-1. Alex did say he has to beat this guy while he can before he learns the game anymore.
Roberto’s closing statement was “I don’t want to play him anymore!” Alex was looking pretty unbeatable and it proved to be true.
That night we did Bourbon and Harrah’s again and had a great time.

Saturday we decided we wanted to play some so thought we’d be able to get a table if we got there earlier. Wrong. Jam packed with the 9 ball starting. So we decided to hit another nearby pool hall called Corner Pocket. Public Service Announcement. There are TWO Corner Pockets around New Orleans.
Be extremely careful when selecting which one you’re getting your driver to take you to, as you will be in for quite a surprise if you choose incorrectly… I still don’t know why they named a gay bar The Corner Pocket, and hopefully I never find out. We had to track it down once we got back to the French Quarter to take a picture at least.

Corner Pocket was a real quaint little room though. Quite a few 9fts; diamonds and gold crowns. Locals were real friendly. Ended up getting a ride back to Buffalo’s with the bartender.
We got there for the end of the Chip/Justin match and Chip had come back and looked like he had the match. Hill Hill and Chip had control of the last game. Justin got some brutal rolls on Chip and Justin took it. Damn! Chip had a great run though, knocking out Orcollo, Frost and Reyes.
Also, my uncle was happy with my pick because Chip was the only player with a steady stream of beers vs coffees and waters like the other players. Our kind of player! He played great and deserved to get in the money but the rolls went the other way this time.

Jeremy and Alex played that night and we sat to watch that, but LSJohn saw OneHoleNut hitting balls by himself and asked me if I’d like an intro and to play some. Hell yeah!
John described him as ‘a real nice guy’ and ‘better than you’. -- Right on both accounts.
Played six games with Jason and really enjoyed it. Very strong player. Always seemed to have a ball in front of his hole. I aaalmost broke even but missed an out I should’ve had and ended up down two games. Had a really great time playing and talking to Jason, though. Wish I had gotten to play more.
Also, the climbing on the table house rule is a trip!

Caught the very end of Alex/Jeremy and was a good match but Alex was just too strong.
That night we left a little earlier and had a nice dinner and went out on Bourbon again. Too much fun.

Had to get home at a reasonable hour Sunday so drove back to Houston straight from the hotel.
We did stream the matches the whole way though.
All in all great trip. Only wish I could have played a bit more. Hope to catch many more of these tourneys. Thanks to all who make it happen.

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