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Jeremy and Alex played that night and we sat to watch that, but LSJohn saw OneHoleNut hitting balls by himself and asked me if I’d like an intro and to play some. Hell yeah!
John described him as ‘a real nice guy’ and ‘better than you’. -- Right on both accounts.
Played six games with Jason and really enjoyed it. Very strong player. Always seemed to have a ball in front of his hole. I aaalmost broke even but missed an out I should’ve had and ended up down two games. Had a really great time playing and talking to Jason, though. Wish I had gotten to play more.
Also, the climbing on the table house rule is a trip!

Let me fill in some gaps you left out about our match, 1st LSJohn's handicapping needs a little tweaking, when he was matching us up he said i really don't know how y'all play, BUT sneaky needs 9/6, that threw me off just a bit, but i was a able to at least talk my way to a 10/7 friendly game which it was exactly that, the best part of this website is the chance to play so many different players from around the country, and Canada(Nick B.), yes the forum is great but i'm a lets play one pocket kinda guy, not really a lets talk about one pocket and never get to play guy. So it was awesome to meet you and get to play a few games with you, you are a very straight shooting guy that knows the game well, you are just like most of us in that not getting to play enough stops us from having a consistent game. I am glad i got to meet you and i wish i could have sat and talked with you and more members but i was a usual running around trying to find and or watch as much action as i could because i know that those weekends goes by to fast for us working guys.
Best player in the poolroom. "Hey you want to play some Onepocket?"

Me. "Sure"
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