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So far I've seen:

Steve, Dustin, Cory, both Nicks, JLong, JohnR, ChiFats, Mitch, Dave, Darrell, Jason, Robert, Jim, Fast Eddie, Paul (in the breakfast pic), NHJohn, Larry, Bill
... missing youngstown, Jtronic, and Ben. (OK, I think I've identified Tronic, whom I haven't seen before; Ah, now I see Ben back there, and is that Youngstown playing Mitch?

I notice: 4 Johns, 2 Nicks... no other duplications. That seems really unusual to me.

BTW, watch out for Robert. He said he wasn't going to come but his wife bought another diamond necklace, so he really needs the cash.

Next time we should cede this. Then:

1 plays 2
3 plays 4
5 plays 6
That would give me (32) the best chance to play 3 rounds.

When Thomassoni walks down the aisle, why does it look like he's stalking?

Say! Somebody is going to have to slow this Beretanos (sp?) down.
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