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Many times I have posted about OP proper procedure, with little to no response! The lack of specifically pointing out proper procedure (what is expected of players) when playing OP lends to this gray area, for no where in any rules does it state that the opponent is to spot balls for the incoming shooter!

Here is proper procedure:
Opponent always spots balls for the incoming shooter.
A scored ball is always placed in their collective area by the scorer.
A ball owed is always removed by the player that owes the ball.
The coin is always placed or removed by the offending player.
A neutral ball pocketed is the ball spotted, and not another ball.
A break from play can only be taken during your inning.

With the above in placed then it is courteous to remind a player when a proper procedure is forgotten. For instance; you remind a player to place a coin.

A player down on the shot can not be interrupted. The shooter points to and declares balls are frozen. Opponent can approach the table to inspect close proximity shots or to determine whether balls are frozen or not, and at appropriate times can discuss a coin or ball forgotten, or a neutral ball mistakenly placed in a collective area, and things of this nature, but should never approach the table and disrupt a shooter to simply ask what the score is.

These simple above statements would add so much to the excellence of OP. Whitey
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