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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
I get your point. But you get to move it back where you think it was, or you get to leave it there. You have the advantage with that rule. He doesn't get to move it where he wants. It is frustrating when guys lay on balls to make shots they otherwise couldn't reach, or try a dicey shot over the stack. But we have rules for that. Move one ball, I get to tell you where the ball was, or I can leave it where it rests. So either it goes back to where it was, or you have moved it to a worse position for you and I leave it there. If you move two balls, it's a foul and you owe a ball. Either way, you should not be getting a benefit from moving a ball. It's really just enforcing the existing rules. I also get that players have varying levels of etiquette in this country. I make it a point not to play guys who are shooting angles at me all the time. It's just not worth the stress.
You make some good points to show that moving balls doesn't usually favor the one that did the moving.

He will normally come out on the short end for moving balls. I'll put them back where I think they were if I believe it was not intentional. If it continues, then it's time to pull out. Who knows what's coming next.
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