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Originally Posted by BRLongArm View Post
We all know what Justin is capable of, but his drinking makes his play uneven. That and he refuses to practice. He'd even admit that.
I hate to see that, Joe. So many of the greats in pool history have gone down the tubes with booze and/or drugs. In the old days just about everyone was doing something, so most were equally impaired. But today most of the top players are on the "natch".

I recall at the Buffalos' event when you and I were talking with him. You told him he looked like sh*t (from being up all night partying), and he gave a lame joke answer. So he knows he's got a problem.

At age 31, Justin has only a few more years left of being able to party and get away with it. After that, he'll soon not be able to beat any of the good players. I hope he's able to straighten up and fly right.

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