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Originally Posted by gulfportdoc View Post
I hate to see that, Joe. So many of the greats in pool history have gone down the tubes with booze and/or drugs. In the old days just about everyone was doing something, so most were equally impaired. But today most of the top players are on the "natch".

I recall at the Buffalos' event when you and I were talking with him. You told him he looked like sh*t (from being up all night partying), and he gave a lame joke answer. So he knows he's got a problem.

At age 31, Justin has only a few more years left of being able to party and get away with it. After that, he'll soon not be able to beat any of the good players. I hope he's able to straighten up and fly right.

Maybe that happened to James Walden. He couldn’t beat me 8-7
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