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I actually have put a lot of thought into this, recently. I agree when you are older then you accidently move balls more. I really can not remember ever fouling a ball when I was playing for real 45 yrs ago.

But, to maintain the historical way OP was, and to maintain it's roots, and to maintain a high standard within the rules then in the rules IMO it should state; OP is played by All Ball Fouls.

I believe in keeping OP rules standard as possible, with a few exceptions. Exceptions being any rule that absolutely makes common sense then should be adopted into the standard rules.

Rules such as; Cue Ball Foul Only & Breaker Racks for instance could be listed as 'Alternative Rules' Or 'Alternative Ways To Play'.

At our MOT event players meeting it can be decided whether to play 'all ball fouls' or 'cue ball foul only'. My point being; if we keep a high standard within our rules, and have a vote at MOT, what can be better than that?

Discussions about rules has no meaning. Since I became a member two years ago, we probably have had at least 30 rules question discussions with no results yet. It is my suggestion that Steve does a poll on pertinent rule questions, other than that it will continue to be just that; a discussion with no conclusion! Whitey

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