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Originally Posted by Frank Almanza View Post
I've tried a few of the carbon fiber shafts and have not been happy with the ones I've tried. They all seem to have a pinging sounds that I don't like. Plus non seem to satisfy me for one pocket. Other games it's ok except for the sound.

While in Vegas I met up with Charlie Bryant and tested the Becue shaft and it feels like a wood shaft and doesn't have the metal sound. I decided to buy one because I liked the hit, sound and taper.
I'm wondering if those here that have played or play with a CF shaft what input do you have on them and if you are satisfied playing one hole with it. And for those that have tried the Becue what are your thoughts.
Thanks for your input.
Iíve been playing with the 12.4 Revo for over a year. I won the MOT a month after buying the Revo. The little ping with the Revo doesnít bother me. At Derby I bought a 12.0 Prime M. It squirted way more than the Revo and felt real spongy. I hated it and sold it a few weeks later.

I recently had a Kamui clear pad installed with a medium Searing Precision tip and it has all but eliminated the ping but without the squirt of the BeCue.
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