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I know you can rack the corner balls both loose (not frozen to adjacent balls) and they will break bad. I forget what it does but may either have the one ball squirt out towards your hole so you have a shot after the break or it definitely messes with their break.

Things like this is why I will always favor rack your own.

I know when an opponent racks them, you have an opportunity to go examine them but first off, it takes more time that way, now I have to go look for anything they may have done to slight me. Secondly, and I am as guilty of this as anyone, I wont even check most of the time, because I "trust" they are going to to rack them fair, especially if playing a buddy and/or fellow member.

Racking your own eliminates all of that.

I dont mind the idea of what was brought up earlier where if you make a ball on the break and your next break you scratch, I guess a do-over is "ok", or like it is now in our current rules is fine to me as well. How many times will that really happen? You make a ball on first break, your second break you scratch, kind of rare I think to change the rules based on its low occurrence.

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