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Originally Posted by Dennis "Whitey" Young View Post
I've seen Cory Duel make the corner ball time after time on the break playing 8 ball. He gets to rack his own. You have to wonder if he has got some secret tweak!
Pretty simple solution, go back to playing OP by the rules, 'opponent racks', breaker inspects rack before the break, game on!
Or the next option; breaker racks and opponent inspects the rack, game on!

I am still wondering why no one has answered my question about how the break was played at the 2019 MOT! This is my 3rd time asking this question. Whitey
Hey Whitey!

At all of the yearly official MOT's, we have always used the official one pocket rules, pasted here on the site. Rack your own and re-rack is my preferred way of playing too so it eliminates any questions of a bad or good rack by your opponent.

edit - I thought our rules were rack your own and re-rack but I guess I was thinking of the derby.

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