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Default How quickly we forget...

Well, this is now the 4th time in the last 7 years that the 'ball on the break' topic has been debated...and here's my response from 1-1/2 years ago - in part, explaining why what is being called the "break and sit down" option would be a very bad change/unfair to the breaker.....and this re-posting from that 1997 thread also includes the posts of John Henderson, Dr. Bill, Steve Booth, LSJohn, etc. agreeing with my choice of rule change - if that is, any change was to be implemented ----->

I'm old school and I don't like a re-rack, for all the same reasons that have already been stated by others.

But, that said, if a new rule had to be made re. making the ball on the break (i.e. for a particular tournament for example), I believe that the rule change that I conceived, and have used on occasion, is the best and fairest way to go..and that is...

If the breaker makes the corner ball on the break he gets to keep the ball, but cannot pocket a second ball, and instead has to play a safety for his following shot...

This rule still rewards the breaker for breaking that particular rack well and making the corner ball, but it doesn't let him run several balls, or run out the game because of it, which can reasonably be considered as too great of a reward......but conversely, it's not at all a good idea/rule change option, to spot the ball, or let the breaker keep it, but allow his opponent to shoot right after the breaker makes that ball on the break - because the opponent may easily have a free, simple, game-changing cross-corner bank to shoot, or worse yet, a ball sitting if front of his pocket - so that particular rule change would unfairly favor him, very possibly enabling him to run several balls, or run rule change would be a 'happy medium' option to utilize - if a change had to be made.

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Originally Posted by LSJohn

Good compromise.

Originally Posted by jrhendy

This is a good option. I like it better than re racking or spotting the ball.

Originally Posted by NH Steve

I like your suggestion too Ghost

Originally Posted by wincardona

I'm with the people that wants to keep the breaking rule the way it is, I feel that if a player hits the break good he should get rewarded, a rerack, or even losing your shot is not the way to go. Your suggestion on playing another shot as long as you don't pocket a ball is a good alternative. I'm all for your suggestion.

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