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Originally Posted by Diane D. View Post

I sent you a private message, but didn't see it in my messages sent, so here goes again. You helped me with my link to You Tube, and I was wondering if I could make that link the first one people see when they click on the message link with the title of Jeff Gates Greatest Trick Shots. Now I notice that everyone's comments come first. Is there a way to do that?

Thanks for your help.

Diane D.
I don't think I can rearrange the posts. However, the order in which they are viewed is actually a user preference. If you are not logged in or are not a member, I think you always see the oldest first, progressing on through to end with the newest. However, once you are a member, I believe the default is to see the newest posts first, progressing backwards to the oldest. The reason for that is, that if you already a member, the presumption is that you have already been doing some reading, so the default is set up to highlight the newest posts that you have not yet read. People who visit often probably prefer that (to see the newest first). I do know some people still like to see the oldest first -- to each his own, lol.
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