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Originally Posted by Rod
Most shots or many at least are just variations of a similar shot. Like Woody said, why they or you should do it. Learning what english, if any, type of stroke and speed changes how both balls react. Once you know why things happen your game improves.

If anything IMO has the best effect for what your trying to accomplish it's learning how to strike the c/b exactly where you intended. If your capable of doing that your game will improve in a hurry. Without consistant c/b contact shots just don't come off as planned. Ie, consistant stroke.

Tapes, books are all good for learning new shots but read the above paragraph. LOL


"Hitting the cue ball EXACTLY where you intended." There's so much in that statement and I can't seem to get that across to people. Maye some people are just not born with a pool player's "attention to detail" but I see many fine players who just can't make the leap to great over this issue.

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