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Default recollections

Hi Pel,
Been a little under the weather but am now able to sit up and take weak tea.

Saw your post and have a question for you? Do you wonder why when we are going to bank a ball we no longer measure the distances and cut it in in half and all that? We just step into the shot and shoot the bank because we are using our memories. We have banked the balls so many times over the years we automatically know where to hit the ball.

Efren Reyes played rotation for years. How many times do you think you get hooked in rotation versus even snooker? Of course he kicks good.

Recollect back when you were learning it was slow, as you could only really learn by watching or playing more skilled players. Now you are inundating yourself with way too much material to absorb. You know the reaction you get from how you hit the cue ball and you know it is pretty consistent. I would suggest that you pick one thing at a time to improve on and concentrate on that one objective.

Take it all one day at a time.And then after you take one particular shot and can consistently put the ball and the cue ball where you want and are very satisfied with your accomplishment you will see someone shoot the shot differently and you will like their result better so you can start all over again. Isn't One Pocket Great!!

Awile back a guy aked me what I looked at last before I pull the trigger,the cue ball or the object ball. He was sure because all the magazines were now talking about how you should look at the object ball last. I'm sure it is a matter of choice but I know the last thing I look at is the cue ball because I want to know where the cue tip is touching the cue ball. How can you judge whether or not you are hitting the ball where you want if you are not looking at it?

Still looking forward to meeting up with you and playing a little one hole.

Titanic Jerry
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