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Default Cushion Compression shot/bank
This is a cushion compression shot/ bank shot. I purposely put a gap between the cb and the ob ball of about a 1/16"-1/8" The balls are placed at about the 1/2 diamond and perpendicular to the cushion. The gap is significant for it makes these shots pretty darn hard to make shooting towards the ob to throw the ob ball vs. if the ob was frozen to the cb. Because, with a gap you could easily foul the cue ball shooting towards the ob. If there was no gap then of course you can stroke the cb right through the ob.
The video of the cross corner bank; it is important that you get that reverse spin to take hold and transfer to natural english on the ob ball, so it will actually spin off the banked cushion towards the hole.
I believe it qualifies as a legal bank shot even though I went into a rail first!

Click on the video after it comes up and it will enlarge. The cross corner bank I may of double hit the cb but I do not think so for I then would of sent it down table when using that much right english, plus if you look closely you will see the cue follow through!

Well enjoy this cushion compression bank shot. Not sure where I learned this shot or if I just did it, can not remember for it was to many decades ago. Good luck doing this shot! Whitey

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